"Tested, Tuned, and Tried for BEST PERFORMANCE!!!

At TK's I service all brands of shocks from winter to summer power sports.

There are a lot of options to consider for a custom shock package and they can become very overwhelming when trying to achieve one simple goal: "A better ride and handling machine"

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Get with the Program

From Travis:

Whether your looking for a better ride in the summer, winter, or any season in between, TK’S Shocks is hear to help you achieve the ride you want. We stand behind all of our services with an unconditional 1+ year warranty on all shock services and new seals installed. We are also hear for you on the off hours, weekends, and holidays, with prompt return calls on missed calls or messages. This is our dedication to the sport of off road recreation and we would love for you to share your passion with us and let us help you enjoy your sport that much more.

So please call, text, or email, with any questions, comments or concerns you may have, we would love to hear from you .

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Started TK's?

Just like a lot of things in life riding is no different and you always want to care for and maintain your equipment as good as possible and try to beat your buddy’s and be the guy in the Front. One thing was quickly apparent without being in control of my machine it wasn’t going to happen so finding a shock guy I could easily work with was difficult , so after some help from another shock guy and a lot of research I started on my own units which quickly grew to riding buddy’s and there buddy’s and so on. Now I service units from all over and love meeting and working with the people in this great sport. The customers, vendors and the people that participate in this sport who make it what it is and I am proud to contribute to that.

What is your brand of choice?

Oh, if I had a dollar for every time I have been asked this question and the answer isn’t just that simple. As most mechanics will tell you they all break and all have their issues and quirks there is no such thing as a perfect machine. That being said I believe that every manufacture of snowmobiles does one thing better than the other in certain areas. So far the count is 7 Polaris’, 4 Arctic Cat's, 5 Ski-Doo's, and 2 Yamaha’s.

ATV's, I have lost count but had just about every 450 out there for a short period and among the 450 class bikes it’s really a crap shoot .

Do you belong to any clubs?

Yes, actually at the moment I am the trail coordinator for Wales Sno-Drifters snowmobile club in Erie Pa. There are so many good people in this area that are snowmobile crazy enthusiast , we all need to do our little part to help keep these trails around , open and maintained. There are 4 local clubs just in Erie County From west to east Mckean snow riders, Presque Isle Snowmobile Club, Wales Sno-Drifters and Tri-County trail blazers.

How much do you ride?

As much as I can afford to. Honestly my favorite time to ride is after work 2nd shift during the week, I head right out of my house and I am right on the trail couldn’t have asked for a better location, I do a lot of my testing at night , low traffic good hard trails and colder temps make perfect conditions for testing shock packages. Other than that I try and ride weekends whether it be with friends, my soon to be wife or trips out of town if there is snow I am itching to ride.
If its on a quad you will find me at Majestic Kamp and Lost Trails in Rue PA right outside of Bradford Pa, This place rocks to ride quads and hopefully this upcoming season back into the world of xc racing.

What else are you interested in?

Next to snowmobiles and atv suspension I would have to say I have a thing for diesels, I am not quite sure but I soon caught the diesel bug after my first diesel truck 97 ram 2500 and it has been it for me. So if you see me in my 00 Jetta tdi or my 04 ram 2500 don’t be afraid to wave.

Other than that I would say friends and family, socializing, cookouts typical stuff.

Who else helps you out?

My biggest and most reliable help is one of my best friend Keith he has been in the sport quite some time and is just as big of a diehard enthusiast as I am loves trying out new setups and new machines.

Next would be two of our three dogs Sheila and River , both love to be at the shop while I am doing shocks , testing and working they stick around and are about as best of a companion as anyone could ever ask for and love customers.

Can’t forget Mikey also always stops in to say Hi and see what’s going on.

My parents for always going out of their way to help me out when I needed it.

My brother for teaching me the hard way how to stay organized not by choice.

My beautiful wife Stephanie who has always supported everything I do, buy and want to try. She has never told me that I can’t go to the shop whether it be Christmas afternoon to do some shocks for a customer that’s in from out of town for the day or not she is a huge inspiration to me.

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